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Triangles are stable when all three legs are connected.What that means in a three-way relationship is that each day is securely connected.And while both men and women are guilty of that, more men say "I do" again after divorce.and they're quicker to say it, too, according to the recent Census report "Marital Events of Americans: 2009." Perhaps not as quickly as actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar -- he proposed to ad executive Catriona Mc Ginn in August, just three months after his divorce from Lisa Ann Russell was finalized -- but certainly fast enough for people to wonder, "In my experience as a therapist and as a friend, it seems that the majority of the breakup resources available are for women and not men.There were more than a few raised eyebrows when former astronaut Buzz Aldrin started dating a woman just months after his divorce from his wife of 23 years, Lois Driggs Cannon -- his third wife.

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Committed couples often hit major snags in a relationship and lose each other for a period of time.

New girlfriend Michelle Sucillon, a former Borders event-marketing exec, is 51 and Aldrin is 81.

As a society we tend to be skeptical whenever a couple's ages are so far apart but I'm not sure why; there are certainly enough relationships in which the couples are about the same age that don't last, either.

" I have been married and divorced more than once -- twice, in fact -- and that alone is enough to give many people pause, without even knowing the whys.

They're quick to assume what they consider the obvious, that I must be pretty crappy marriage material because I "failed" at two of them. Or, more likely, something must be very "wrong" with me. Serial marriages aren't that uncommon, especially among celebs -- Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Larry King come to mind.

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