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Women in Pakistan's commercial hub Karachi are set to ride taxis driven by women in an initiative to protect female customers from the sexual harassment they commonly face when travelling around the teeming city.From Thursday, women will be able to call the cab service - called Pink Taxi - by phone, a mobile app, SMS or simply by hailing one on the street, said Ambreen Sheikh, who is launching the service with her husband Zahid Sheikh.

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She said there was a need for such a service as most women “think thrice” before getting in a vehicle driven by a man.5-Warranty is Void if Product is Not Used Following Specific Guidelines As per Manual/instruction booklet.6-Repair Requests Are Not Entertained After Expiration of Warranty.Clearly, emotions are running high and there are still qualms about how the entire exercise of counting heads and homes will pan out.The resistance to holding a census is indicated by the fact that it took the Supreme Court to push the government into ensuring that it is finally carried out. The scheduled date of the census as announced by the PM’s office and ratified by the Council of Common Interests is March 15, 2007.

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