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When health systems fail to provide equitable care, or equitable access to care, they may worsen social disparities and be a factor in lowered health status.In 1999, the Health Care System Division of Health Canada undertook an exploration of the issue of equity and responsiveness in terms of access to health care services in Canada.With the end of the Cold War, conflict within nation states has replaced conflict between nations.It's also an awareness born of the revolution we have experienced over the past decade or so in technological information exchange.It gives me great pleasure to address this international assembly today.On behalf of the Australian Government, may I join with the Prime Minister, Paul Keating, in welcoming you all.In a way, you could say that the world is constantly engaged in global cultural teleconference.On the macro-economic level, multinational business organisations are exchanging money and economic data in fractions of seconds.

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These and many other questions are explored by the authors of several papers prepared for the Health Care System Division of the Health Policy and Communications Branch of Health Canada, and by the participants of seminars and workshops sponsored by Health Canada. An analysis of the limited success of participatory efforts in forest management with a focus on India. Pandurang Hegde is with the Appiko Movement, India. Somasekhare Reddy is with the Indian Institute of Management, India. Community-based forest management practices: field observations from Orissa. The use of health services in Canada is not generally affected by financial barriers such as income."Nevertheless," wrote the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Committee on Population Health in its second report on the health of Canadians, "there appear to be persistent language and cultural barriers to the provision and/or the utilization of services in certain circumstances." Health services-and the barriers to access of these services-function as determinants of health.

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