Dating and who pays

Similarly, some Christian women took offense to a man asking that she pay on a date or even go “dutch.” These money moves signaled a lack of financial prowess and security, which they would label as deterrents to marriage.

Some went as far to say that a man that asks a woman to pay for date is selfish and lacking finesse.

Are you so bored that you’re brainstorming your grocery list for the next day?

If this is the case, it may be in your best interest to either split the bill or pay for it altogether.

Image Source: Shutterstock I was talking to a male friend about his dating life and he was complaining about the cost of courting. until that check comes.” So it got me thinking, when it comes to love and dating, who should pay?

I surveyed a number of people to find out the conditions under which paying for a date should be women’s work and/or a man’s job.

The religious factor: In speaking with Christian singles, some believed that how a man handled finances during dating would indicate how they handled finances during marriage.

As such, many Christian men believed they had to demonstrate their abilities to be good providers when dating so they would insist that women keep their hands out of their wallets.

Are you counting the minutes until the check comes?Apparently, the answer to the question is not so cut and dry.While American social mores generally dictate that men pay for at least the first date, there isn’t as much of a consensus about who should pay for what once we get past the first date mark.But that’s tricky because gals are torn over tab sharing: Some are reluctant to pay while others are adamant about their ability to pay.Our Money, Sex & Love survey illustrates that the question of who pays has gotten complicated.

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