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Built around the HTML5 form validation attributes, it supports a variety of built-in validation rules and provides a convenient way for setting custom-rule handling.

The Kendo UI Validator is a powerful framework component and essential for any application that collects user input.

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Furthermore, normal controls are oblivious to the concrete data they display; they just depend on the type, e.g., String or Boolean.

By themselves these items are magical, only by putting them together will they become functional.

Today, we will see how to put together some of the many bits that Angular 2 gives us, to construct a component that can decorate any input with some cool form validation function.

Client-side validation can help improve the user experience in an application, but it does not replace the need for server-side data validation on all user input.

When collecting input from a user, it is important to ensure that the input received meets the requirements of the system.

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