Aimee chan moses chan dating

Hong Kong TVB actor Moses Chan finally wins Aimee Chan's hands in marriage after several fruitless proposals in the past six months.

According to recent news reports, his one-year-long girlfriend, Aimee, finally said "yes" and the couple plans to hold their wedding in Australia next year.

That day, I thought about the possibility that I may not leave the hospital in a healthy condition. Possessing a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 52 kg, the statuesque Bernice was never perceived to need protection.

Never Acknowledged as Girlfriend Bernice’s waist surgery led to her confession.

In earlier interview, Moses has also disclosed that he would open a joint savings account with Aimee.

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Many people are shocked although he expresses that he is fine when filming many action scenes.

Dating Aimee for two years, Moses has viewed Aimee as his marriage partner.

Although the couple is not officially married, Moses reportedly is already planning to add Aimee’s name in the title deed!

Mentioning about filming The Adventurers (俠盜聯盟) movie before his injury, Andy reveals he films most action scenes personally and is injured during filming as well: "The scar remains after knocking my head against the wall and I need to trouble the make-up artist as a result." Andy specially consults the doctor as he has a hoarse voice despite resting for a long time: "I feel agitated when he says I am getting old.

Perhaps I do less exercises for the past 6 months and my voice is less hoarse when having good stamina in the past.

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